Carpet Cleaning Tips to Maintain a Clean Carpet 

Clean carpets look great. You can also impress your guests whenever they see you have a clean carpet in your house. Aside from visual appeal, clean carpets also help you save money. The reason for this is that cleaning your carpet regularly helps increase its lifespan. Thus, you won’t have to replace it sooner than expected.  


Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to maintain a clean carpet. This is particularly true if they constantly experience abuse.  

That is why we are here to help. Aside from hiring Seattle carpet cleaning services regularly, here are several tips you can follow to maintain a clean carpet: 

Protect High-Traffic Areas 

Keep in mind that there will be areas on your carpet that experience a lot of wear and tear. These areas are also the ones that will get dirty the quickest.  

Fortunately, you can protect high-traffic areas of your carpet. All you need to do is to place a cheap rug or mat. These things will be the ones that will absorb most of the dirt.  

If your kids love to play on the carpet, offer them a play mat in colorful designs or patterns. This gives them a place where they can sit without you worrying about any accidents or spills.  

Have a No-Shoe Policy 

If you can prevent dirt from getting tracked inside your house, you can keep your carpets clean much easier. One effective and easy way to do this is to get rid of your shoes before you enter the house.  

Doing so will help prevent debris and dirt from getting tracked into the fibers of the carpet. You should not be scared to ask visitors to remove their shoes. The truth is that it is considered bad manners to wear shoes inside the house in some countries.  

Attend to Spillages Right Away 

If something spills on your carpet, you need to act as soon as possible. You should get rid of the spill before they have the chance to seep deep into the carpet. Address carpet spills and marks immediately.  

You can blot simple spills using a tissue to soak up moisture. Then, to get rid of any excess liquid, you can press the area using a soapy cloth.  

On the other hand, it might be ideal to hire a professional cleaner for help. This is especially true if you don’t know how to handle carpet spills.  

Do Not Use Powders 

You may be tempted to purchase carpet cleaning powders that you see in home improvement shops. These powders claim to help keep your carpets looking clean and smell fresh. However, you should be careful when using these powders.  

You should avoid using them unless you are 100% confident that your vacuum cleaner is strong enough to get rid of all the powder residues from your carpet.  

If you leave residues behind, they can accumulate in your carpet. This will attract more dirt and possibly damage the fibers of your carpet.  

If you want to achieve a clean carpet, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company for help.